TECHNOLOGY.Unique technology

Protex Shield technology is the Only coating in the world that has anti-oxidant benefits reducing the free radical levels and the oxidative stress. It is a specialized technology that turns body heat into far infrared energy.

F.I.R.Far Infrared Rays

  • Far Infrared Rays are invisible waves of light, with a wavelength between visible light and infrared rays.
  • Far Infrared Rays have the ability to penetrate, soothe and stimulate the human body.
  • It is scientifically proven that FIR has a great number of health benefits to the body
  • When FIR penetrates our bodies, it helps us feel energized and healthy.

All living organisms absorb and emit far infrared rays and it is considered a basic life force that increases energy, repairs tissue and improves overall well being. Normally, infrared rays are absorbed from the sun, but easily eliminated from the body and used during activity. Far Infrared Rays are proven to stimulate microcirculation and thermoregulation of the body.

INNOVATION.Protex Shield technology

Protex Shield Technology is a high-tech patented coating embedded into the textiles that is activated with body heat, returning far infrared rays back to the body, causing the following effects.

Anti-oxidant benefits.

95% reduction of the free radical levels.

Up to 50% protection from oxidative stress.

FREE RADICALS.Effects on health

There are trillions of free radicals produced daily within the human body, which are naturally dealt by our antioxidant system. The body’s mechanisms help prevent the harm that free radicals can cause, but the defense mechanism of the body gets weaker as the body ages with time. When the production of free radicals exceed the body’s protective ability to treat them through the antioxidant system, “oxidation stress” takes place. This leads to the irreversible damage of the body’s cellular structure. If this process reaches the level of organs, it can result in organ failure. The effects of free radicals upon the biological system of the cell is destructive and is chiefly present within the peroxidation of the fats and proteins, as well as in the cellular DNA, resulting in the destruction of the cellular membranes, and causing the deactivation of the protein enzymes in the cell. This will lead to the possible development of disease. Such as: Premature Aging /Inflammations/Skin Disease

ABOUT.Inside Protex shield technology

Protex shield technology was discovered in 2016. The core research of Protex-Shield technology is to control the number of free radicals in the human body and improve body function. After several years of Research and Development a study was conducted in 20 volunteers and worked together with The National Hellenic Research Foundation, Orthoviotiki Medical Center in Greece and Orebro University Medical School in Sweden and Nest CNR - Nanoscience Institute and Department of Physics, at University of Pisa in Italy. The results of the study proved that Protex Shield technology can reduce the Free Radical levels and the oxidative stress on a cellular level. In simple words Protex Shield Technology may act as Anti-Oxidant for the human body. This makes Protex-Shield Technology one of the most advanced technologies in textiles in the world.


At Protex Shield, we believe innovation stems from exploring the synergy between science, nature and technology to uncover the potential that improves people’s daily lives. We consider ourselves a futuristic brand, delivering tomorrow's solutions today to help our customers reach new heights of performance & well being inside and out.


In a constant pursuit of innovation, Protex Shield is dedicated towards forward thinking and product development solutions from our accredited scientific research team to help enhance people’s lives

APPLICATIONS.ProtexShield technology is applied to an array of textiles for various beneficial uses

Sports Apparel




Furniture textiles

Car seats









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